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Thank you everyone... my fight has just begun

After fighting cancer for a year with the reward of remission lifted my spirit. I thought cancer could kill me settled in the fact of the last year of remission that I would live. I still had to do weekly dialysis but I was able to live my life as full as I could.

THEN, I heard unexpected news: I need a living kidney donor because the life expectancy at my age is only 3 – 5 years. What? I had no idea I had another challenge in front of me. Maybe for some, this news could set them back or feel they can’t do another fight. BUT I am very fortunate to have marvelous supportive friendships with people who would never let me feel that way. It only took one call and things started rolling. Suzi Schmidt, Diana O’Kelly, Judy Martini got the wheels (phone calls) going. Then Lee Filas texted me saying he will do anything to help me and not to worry, he has my back. I cried. I talked to my old friend who ordered my campaign signs and he was on board before I finished my story. I cried again. Thank you, Tommy Crichton. My wonderful caring daughter-in-law, Amanda Carter offered to do my Facebook page. God help her because I never could. Then my childhood friend/cousin Janet Padilla sent me a flyer she wrote. It was a big surprise because I never asked her and it was perfect. After being out of office since 2016, I thought I was done campaigning but God had other plans.

My campaign is not about asking people to donate, but to let the community know there’s a need and let the donor find me. It’s a personal decision and hopefully through reading my website and Facebook they will become educated and make the best decision for them. But awareness is key, and there are many ways to help. Please share my story to anyone/everyone to talk to during your day.

I reflect many times on the past two years, and plan to share those thoughts on this blog. It has been an unbelievable journey and the biggest thing that came out of it is the realization how blessed I am.

There are so many other people I need to thank and will when writing more on my blog. Today’s message is for the people who took so much stress off of me from the get go and made working on another campaign a little fun – and a lot of rewarding work. Thank you again Judy, Diana, Suzi, Lee, Tom and Lt. Amanda as my family refers to her and Janet. I love you all!

Continue to check back here on my blog, my website at and on my facebook page at for many updates about my journey.

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