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Life is going well!!

Good afternoon everyone!

Life is going well. A few additional health conditions I’m dealing with from dialysis but I’m not letting them get me down, just dealing with them. Tom, my husband, has been so attentive! He never seems to be upset when I’m having an “off” day. If he’s out at the barn, he checks in. If I’m dizzy and not stable, he will finish my jobs. This seems to happen quite often, I’m sorry to say. One good thing about me not going out much is he does all the grocery shopping. I can’t tell you how much money we have saved! I always come home with several items not on the list while Tom sticks to it perfectly. He’s good!

I mentioned in my last post that several people had been eliminated and a few of you were concerned this is emotional for me. I don’t want you to worry about that. Every time someone is eliminated it is always for a good reason. Remember, a living donation needs to be right for the donor. There are many worthy reasons why someone is eliminated. The timing from when they filled out the questionnaire until they receive a call no longer works out; maybe there isn’t enough or any support from loved ones; maybe a health condition shows up from test results; maybe it’s just too emotional for them; maybe the recovering time will hurt financially. When I become aware of these eliminations, I know they are all for very good reasons and find peace in that. And since it can take up to three months for someone to be approved, I relax knowing my schedule is free for the next few months (although I don’t do anything or go anywhere except dialysis). So please do not worry about how I handle these eliminations. They happen for all the right reasons. I just can’t thank all of you enough for considering your donation to me. It takes a very special person to consider this and to register. Tom and I can’t thank you enough! You fill our hearts with such joy.

On December 1st, I’m headed back to Northwestern Chicago to meet with the transplant team for my 6-month follow-up. If I need any additional tests I will get them done then, but I believe I’m in good shape.

My daughter-in-law, Amanda Carter, is the gal who does the posting on my Facebook page. She does a terrific job. I have no idea how she finds these posts but know it takes a lot of her time. Amanda, thank you! I love you sweaty!

I also appreciate all of you who share the posts in keeping the word out. Thank you all.



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