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An awesome weekend...

Updated: May 26, 2021

Amazing what a good day does. Every day I wake up relaxed and happy but that can change in an hour. Not this weekend. Our little grandson, Jan Sebastian was baptized at St. Bede’s. He behaved as any polish prince (as we refer to him) would - perfect. He knew it was all about him and loved every moment. I’m posting some pictures of the day to share the joy we felt all day. These are the days that lift my spirits and provides strength at the times I need it most.

One of the most precious moments was helping my grandson Cruz light his first candle and say a prayer. His sister Aubrey joined us for the second lighting. Cruz thanked God for helping me get better, then asked God to find me a kidney so I can live and be with him longer. He also thanked the volunteers who come forward to save me. All of this out of a 7-year-old. There are no words to express how I felt at that moment. Although he is the same grandson who would FaceTime me at the perfect moment when I was in the hospital, he would call me at bedtime, in the dark, with a single light so I could listen and pray along with him when he was praying to God. His prayers are deep and always include asking God to get me to 100%. When we talk it’s the same question. ”Are you 100% grandma?”

These are moments I hold close to my heart and make me smile.

I hope you enjoy seeing these special moments Tom and I had with our children and grandchildren! They are the best medicine ever!!!!

Cancer and renal failure does not take away these blessings from God. We are blessed.

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